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Focal Point specialises in designed presentations of select scientific equipment and display units for biological material.  Products are made of acrylic and are functional and aesthetic.  These products are easy to handle, maintain and are used for a wide spectrum of applications.  


Selection of products from Focal Point


Eddy Krecek who is the proprietor of Focal Point was born and lived in the USA where he worked as a cabinet maker, architectural wood worker and designer.  He has extensive technical hands-on experience in manufacture and design of equipment used in parasitology.  Over 25 years he has developed and perfected the “Eggs-Acto” McMaster Slide.  He networks with scientists and parasitologists who have extensive global experience in this field.  He also consults with these individuals to continue to insure that products maintain the highest standards.  This results in continuous field application in more than 27 countries.

The quality of this slide in diagnostic, training and research applications for worm parasite and protozoan oocyst assessment continues to be acknowledged.  Organisations and publications widely have identified the “Eggs-Acto” McMaster Slide as the product of choice.  The slide is also used by the veterinarian and animal owner for worm assessment in horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, wildlife and many other animal species. 

The display units are used for training, technology transfer and research globally.